Health & Safety Policy

MHS International (UK) Ltd is fully aware of the responsibilities under the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 and subordinate legislation.

We are committed to managing the activities so that it presents an acceptably high level of protection for the Health and Safety of its Employees, Customers, the General Public and Environment.

The Directors regard this objective as a key management responsibility ranking equally with the other main objectives of the organisation. In order to ensure that this aim is met, the organisation will:

  1. Provide, maintain and encourage, as far as is reasonably practical, safe methods of work, safe working conditions and a healthy environment.
  2. Provide such health and safety training or instruction as may be necessary to personnel at all levels.
  3. Provide means of consultation on health and safety matters for all employees.
  4. Provide and display such written instructions as are necessary to assist in the regulation of health and safety practices and operations.
  5. Promote personal responsibility and effort on the part of the employees and members of the public to ensure health & safety.
  6. We believe that all injuries at work are preventable and wish to actively promote the highest level of safety awareness and individual accountability.

Although ultimate responsibility for Health and Safety rests with the Directors of the company, all employees have a shared responsibility to maintain high standards of health and safety and environmental protection.